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Situated just 5 minutes away from HKU Station, YoofHill is a stylish coliving space surrounded by quaint coffee shops, local eateries and convenience stores. All beautiful homes come with a kitchen outfitted with cooking appliances, refrigerator, and other essentials. Other shared facilities include self-laundry, rooftop and gym facilities, allowing like-minded neighbours to connect and share life experience. Each shared unit comes with high speed WiFi, weekly cleaning, CCTV and 24-hour security system, with management fee and dedicated property management services included, ensuring our community an incredible and affordable coliving experience.

The deluxe two bedroom apartments are 450 to 467sqft big and each features 2 spacious bedrooms, a bathroom with shower, a large living and dining room with a fully equipped kitchen. All homes feature large windows that allow plenty of natural sunlight to lighten up the place. Expect to have a beautiful living room in which you can truly relax and be entertained (yes, you get a TV already installed), a quiet space to work and facilities where you can prepare a delicious home-cooked meal.

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A new co-living concept

YoofHill understands the need for private space as well as a sense of belonging within a community.

All homes come with furnished rooms and shared facilities perfect for today’s modern living. 

What’s included:

Flexible plans to suit different needs.



Most frequent questions and answers


HKU MTR Station (Exit A1, B2 or C1)
Hai Kwong Mansion ‘’YoofHill’’, 71-77 Hill Road, Hong Kong

Around 5-7 minutes.


On the handover dates (either 1 August or 16 August).

1 year.

Once the contract is signed, 1 month rent fee as deposit + the 1st month rent fee + the 1st month utility deposit (around HKD300) + half of the stamp duty fee has to be paid within 2 working days.

Within 15 working days after moving in, 1 month rent fee as deposit + the 2nd to 4th month rent fee + the 2nd to 4th month utility deposit (around HKD900) should be paid.

After moving in for 3 months, the 5th to 8th month rent fee + the 5th to 8th month utility deposit (around HKD1200) should be paid.

After moving in for 7 months, the 9th to 12th month rent fee + the 9th to 12th month utility deposit (around HKD1200) should be paid.

For deluxe single rooms, standard single rooms and twin rooms in all share units: utility deposit (HKD300 per person each month) is required. The utility bills for water, electricity and town gas within one share unit are shared evenly by 4 residents. One year afterwards, each resident will pay a total utility deposit of HKD3600 each year. We will add up the utility fee for one share units for 12 months and will divide by 4 tenants evenly. Extra charges for utility fee is charged if the amount per person is over HKD3600. For any overpaid bill with the whole year utility fee less than HKD3600, we will be refunded the difference.

No, the utility deposit has to be paid together with the rent once every 4 months (HKD1200 per person for 4 months). There are no washing machines and drying machines within all share units. There are shared washing machines and drying machines on G/F. Tenants pay each time whenever they need to use them. The charge is HKD10 once for washing machine and HKD15 once for drying machine.
It is subject to our room availability upon request.
Registered company with a valid business registration certificate.

If you would like to sign for a tenancy agreement, please send the following information to our email as follow. leasing.yoofhill@yoofhk.com
1. Passport copy or identity card copy,
2. University offer letter copy or student identity card copy,
3. Student visa copies (It could be submitted afterwards if the visa is not yet ready at the moment.),
4. Email,
5. Mobile number,
6. Whatsapp or Wechat ID,
7. Current residential address,
8. Floor & type of room you preferred and
9. Check-in date (either 1 August or 16 August)


Yes, for all share units, there is cleaning service for the common area, covering living room, kitchen and 2 washrooms, once every week and without additional charges.

Cleaning and VOC (formaldehyde) removal services are provided by a professional cleaning company. VOC level will be measured by an assigned third party testing laboratories afterwards for monitoring purposes.

There are 2 lifts those can reach all floors.

Under no circumstances should residents invite guests to stay overnight in share units. Visitors are allowed between 9:00am and 11:00pm of the day. All visitors should leave the block by 12:00mn and are not allowed to stay overnight. Visitors must register at the building management office on G/F beforehand.

No, it is not. Those 4 persons staying within each share unit should be single gender only (either all 4 ladies or all 4 gentlemen).
Yes, most floors are for single gender only. There are exceptional cases for a few floors. However, within each share unit, it must be with single gender only (either all 4 ladies or all 4 gentlemen).

Gym facilities on G/F and barbeque facilities on the rooftop are free of charge and open to all residents. For the washing machines and drying machines on G/F, HKD10 and HKD15 will be charged each time respectively.

Yes, they are stylishly furnished.

Bed size for deluxe single room: 1.07m (width) x 1.905m (length),
Bed size for standard single room: 0.915m (width) x 1.83m (length),
Bed size for twin room (each bunk bed): 0.915m (width) x 1.83m (length)
Bed frame and mattress are provided, but bed sheet, pillow, pillow case, blanket and artwork are not provided. You can bring your own ones.
You can bring your own small furniture. Just by the contract end and when you return the room/ share unit to us, it has to be the same condition and with the same amount of furniture as when you move-in.

No, we would not provide any of these.
Basic cooking equipment and cutlery are provided.
Events, like barbeque gathering, festival celebration party or even talks given by some guest speakers, will be held occasionally by our community team. Feel free to join them if you are interested.

There are 25 floors in total. There are total 57 shared units (each share unit including 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and 2 washrooms; 3 bedrooms CAN be rented separately.) on 1/F-19/F. There are in total 18 apartments (including 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a washroom) on 20/F-25/F.

Please contact our building management team by reaching the management office on G/F. They would check your identity and provide you with a new access card and it costs HKD200 for a new access card.


Size of Flat A is around 467 square feet (43 square meter),
Size of Flat B is around 449 square feet (41 square meter),
Size of Flat C is around 467 square feet (43 square meter).

Flat A deluxe single room – North facing,
Flat A standard single room – West facing,
Flat A twin room – North facing,
Flat B deluxe single room – South facing,
Flat B standard single room – South facing,
Flat B twin room – South facing,
Flat C deluxe single room – North facing,
Flat C standard single room – East facing,
Flat C twin room – North facing.


2 bathrooms are shared by 4 persons within each share unit.

There is a shared mailbox on G/F for each shared unit. The mailbox is shared by 4 residents within one share unit.

No, pets are not allowed in the whole building.

1GB for each unit which is shared by 4 persons.

No, you cannot and roommates or neighbours are randomly assigned. Or you can come to sign for different bedrooms within the same share unit with your friends (with the same gender) at the same time.

For further questions, please email us on leasing.yoofhill@yoofhk.com

We look forward to sharing our space with you.
Come visit us at YoofHill and enjoy the vibe.

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71-77 Hill Road, Sai Wan, Hong Kong


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