Malaysia Investment Know-Hows on Property Investment

Ace Global位於香港和吉隆坡的專業馬來西亞一站式物業顧問公司。專為海外顧客提供馬來西亞房地產資訊,第二家園(MM2H)、房產投資、商業投資等多元化服務。
Ace Global 專門為投資者物色海外具升值潛力的樓盤,讓客戶身處香港,也可輕鬆買賣或租賃物業。

Ace Global is a professional Malaysian one-stop property consultancy based in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. They provide Malaysian real estate information, Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H), real estate investment, business investment and other diversified services for overseas customers.
The company is committed to providing the most comprehensive and professional advice, real estate consulting, property management, including the provision of real estate brokerage for overseas customers, registration of new companies, mortgage loans, take-over, renovation, leasing, rent collection, tax payment, maintenance of properties, etc.
Ace Global specializes in identifying potential overseas properties for investors, allowing customers to purchase or rent properties in Hong Kong.