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Our mission is simple: to create spaces for individuals to participate in the collaborative economy and through which to create genuine communities that foster creativity, innovation and knowledge exchange. Our co-working spaces, complemented by co-living spaces, provide a new way to live and work in Hong Kong. By creating communities that appreciate the impact of sharing resources towards building a more sustainable lifestyle, we all contribute to a better future.

Whether you are a university student or young professional looking for somewhere to live that offers more than just the hardware, or if you  are a budding entrepreneur, new business founder, aspirational start-up team looking for work-space that provides more than desks, wifi and a coffee machine, YOOF is your solution.

Our portfolio of conveniently located properties around Hong Kong offer shared spaces for both living and working, but more importantly, our focus on community building, resource and knowledge sharing, and collaborative innovation, creates spaces that are inclusive and inspiring.

Creative Collaboration

Reimagined for the new generation of scholars, entrepreneurs, and young professionals, our co-living and co-working spaces are dynamically designed and complemented with carefully chosen artwork to create environments buzzing with potential and promise. Purposefully planned to inspire collaboration and creativity, our spaces bring together like-minded individuals who value being part of a community!

Come join us. We create the spaces, you create the success. We dont just talk about creativity and collaboration, we deliver it.

Each YoofLive and YoofWork location is an opportunity for us to collaborate with local and international artists to design and create unique environments that inspire and motivate. Impactful design affects thoughts, ideas, focus, and emotions. A well-designed and detailed space can foster new ideas, shape possibilities and create opportunities.
Every property in our portfolio offers its own distinctive design theme, colour palette, commissioned artwork, and atmosphere, providing experiences and environments like no other. Our spaces appeal to those looking for living and work environments with originality. We enjoy being different and beyond the expected.

Share Spaces : Share Experiences : Share Thoughts

A new way of sharing

We design our co-working spaces to inspire. Each one is designed around a specially chosen theme, creating a unique environment. No two YoofWork locations look the same!
Partnering with local and international artists, the decor, furnishings and artworks in each of our co-working spaces highlight the results of our creative collaboration.
YoofWork lets you work the way you want to work and in an environment that suits your tastes. We also actively promote and encourage community-building, providing regular events and activities for sharing and collaboration.

Be inspired by the buzz and energy of the neighbourhood, and enjoy your home and/or work base in the thoughtfully designed, cosy and creative YoofHex.

In a city of soaring property prices we provide affordable, conveniently located, and thoughtfully planned living spaces offering a calm, relaxing oasis to call home.
Designed to suit the youth of today, each space is furnished and finished to a high standard. Much more than just a place to live, YoofLive creates communities.Regular events and activities provide opportunities to socialize and a platform on which to learn, share, and collaborate.

Situated in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui and accessible from both the Jordan and Austin MTR stations, YOOF18 offers community living in a premium location.

Situated just 5 minutes away from HKU Station, YoofHill is a stylish coliving space surrounded by quaint coffee shops, local eateries and convenience stores.

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